Flight Down The Hudson - New York International Air Show : New York International Air Show
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Flight Down The Hudson

This event is on August 22, 2019 9:20 am


The Royal Air Force Red Arrows from the United Kingdom will join the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, F-35 Lightning II Demo Team and the F-22 Raptor Demo Team in a historic 2 team flight down the Hudson River and over the Statue of Liberty on August 22, 2019 between 9:20 am and 9:40 am.


The Hudson Flight will approach from the North side of the city over the river in a procession of four team formations. The Blue Angels will lead in 6 aircraft delta formation, followed by the Red Arrows in their signature big battle 9 aircraft wide formation. Two F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters will trail the Red Arrows followed by the Thunderbirds in their delta formation.


The Hudson Flight will fly south to New York Harbor where the formations will all make a sweeping right turn and the proceed back up the river for a second pass. They will make a pass over the United States Military Academy at West Point prior to landing back at New York Stewart International Airport.


The Royal Air Force Red Arrows and F-35 Lightning II Demo Team will perform at the New York International Air Show on August 24-25


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