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New York Int’l Air Show Contacts

To reach one of our department heads you can e-mail them by clicking on their e-mail link below. If you are planning to attend the show and are looking for further information, please call (321) 395-3110.

Be sure to check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” page to see whether your question might already have been answered!

Department Contacts


Sales & Marketing
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Event Site Operations
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Admissions & Ticketing
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Flight Operations
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Public Relations
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Note! If you are a food, beverage or merchandise vendor please visit our Sponsor page and submit an inquiry with the indicated interest. We will forward your request to our exclusive food and beverage or merchandise concessioner. Any food, beverage or vendor inquires sent direct to any email above will not be responded to.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Kevin, you would be flying into NY Stewart International Airport, not directly into the show, so you would need to contact them directly regarding any TFRs and guidance you will need to know.

  1. Elliott Sumers says:

    I have purchased 4 VIP tickets for the Sunday Aug 25 Airshow and have 1 parking pass. I know realize we will be coming in 2 separate cars. Can I get a second VIP parking pass?

  2. Paula says:

    Hi, My son is an airman in the U.S. Navy based in Norfolk, Virginia. Is there any kind of a discount for tickets (Me and 2 others) to this event? Is it too late to get tickets?

    • NY Air Show says:

      We do an across-the-board discount for all guests who pre-purchase online or via phone here on the website, which is currently 25% off. There are no additional discounts.

  3. Pete says:


    I’m from the UK and have seen this airshow from the Red Arrows website, I’d like to know if there is any way to watch the air displays online,

    If it helps, the RIAT (Royal International Air Tattoo) do a stream service which is quite fairly priced and allows users all over the globe to view, is there anything like this for this display?

  4. robert watman says:

    Our family looks forward to the airshow every summer. Its always a great event!
    Here’ a suggestion though that I think is really worthwhile & easy to do & will make EVERYONE there much happier…..

    misting machines

    It’s very very hot on the tarmac and aside from the wings of the C130s there is little shade. Having misting machine placed along the viewing ‘runway’ would help alot and would not cost much.


    • NY Air Show says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! Not sure we will be able to accommodate for this year, but I will pass it along to our team.

  5. Angie says:

    I’ve never been and plan to attend with my husband and son (3YO). If we purchase GA is their seats or do you sit in a lawn? If no seats can you bring your own folding lawn chairs or do you have to stand? Also are their food vendors etc to purchase food/drink while you’re there? Approximately how long is the air show and and can you look at any of the plans up close with GA tickets ?
    Thanks !

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Angie, thanks for attending the show! Yes, you can bring your own chairs and are encouraged to, as chairs are not provided. There are food vendors there for beverage and food purchases. Additionally, each guest is allowed to bring 1 one-liter bottle of water in to the show (no other food or drink). The gates open at 9 am to see the static displays, and the aerial show runs from 12 noon to about 4 pm.

  6. Cheryl 845-492-7813 says:

    I have a group attending not sure of the headcount but I feel I need to have more details on where the best viewing spot is and where to enter and can we bring chairs ? Coolers ?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Chairs are fine; coolers are not. No outside food or beverage besides 1L of water per person – there are food vendors on site. You can see our FAQ section for further details. We also do group ticket discounts for groups of 10 or more, which you can learn more about by calling our box office support line at 877.766.8158.

  7. Alvin says:

    I’m planning to buy a photo pit ticket but parking pass is not included, so if I buy a parking pass how much does it cost and how far it is away from the photo pit section?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Alvin, in fact, an on-field VIP parking permit is included with every Photo Pit Purchase, so you should be fine.

  8. Doreen says:

    for the VIP tickets that include parking, is there a separate parking pass or is my VIP ticket all I need to park?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Yes, a separate parking pass will be emailed to you about a month before the show. Stay tuned! 🙂

  9. Dutch says:

    I’m part of a WWII warbird organization that’s been trying to get in touch with this and the Atlanta Airshow to discuss attending these shows and can’t get in touch with anyone…can someone possibly vector me in the right direction to get this ball rolling?

      • Jen says:

        I agree with Dutch. For you not to have a person of contact for people working this show is really not professional. Makes out lives harder. It appears the number listed is a directory of the airshows this company is running, but yet no point of contact.

        • Jen says:

          And to just type an email is a non-professional way to say you do not have a real office for them to contact so this is the only way.

          • NY Air Show says:

            Also, we do have an office; however our office is located in Melbourne, Florida, and therefore is not a place at which someone could just pop in! That and the high volume of guests with which we are working is the reason that we rely on electronic and phone communications. It also allows us to ensure that 100% of our guests are responded to in a timely and thorough manner. Thanks for your understanding!

        • NY Air Show says:

          Hi Jen, we have customer service agents that answer all phone calls in 24-48 hours, and emails in 24. If you send an email to or post here, our team gets back super quick. Please feel free to reach out with whatever question you have.

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