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To reach one of our department heads you can e-mail them by clicking on their e-mail link below. If you are planning to attend the show and are looking for further information, please call (321) 395-3110.

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  1. Kevin Curran says:

    I have 1 ticket for VIP tent and parking and I see that event is still going to happen. I really do not feel comfortable attending due to taking medication that lowers my immune system. And I have had a stroke and are on medication. I am a USAF veteran and was really looking forward to being there. In fact I was going to be joined by 3 USAF friends that I haven’t seen in 34 years. Please help me out. Thank you very much.

  2. Jose Pujol says:

    Wow! The New York Airshow was serious about limiting attendance this year due to the virus. General Admission tickets are SOLD OUT for both days (with 2 months to go for the show). Should be a nice show with Thunderbirds, F-22 and Super Hornet. Hope the F-22 stages from in front of the crowd like in 2015. Hope the F-22 Demo Team sets up its tent and sells their swag (not sure they will set-up because of the virus). Hope the Vermont Air National Guard brings an F-35 for static display. They always brought an F-16 in the past.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Yeah, we are very serious about our public safety! We want to ensure that our guests are both comfortable and safe. We’re looking forward to the show too!!

  3. Jacek says:

    Hi, I am thinking about buying preferred seating tickets but I am worried about the restrooms. I understand that preferred section will only have portable restrooms. What steps will be taken to sanitize them, etc? I really want to go to this show but I am very worried about this.

  4. William Doheny says:

    Good morning

    I see the airshow is still a go that’s great. But I don’t see a link to buy the parking in advance if possible can you advise when that will be out thanks.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Doreen, yes, our team is working with local and state officials to determine the best policies we can put into place to ensure all our guests remain safe and healthy. Some of this is a moving target, as we will be required to comply with all policies in place as they come down from the governor’s office, but at the same time, we already know a number of items that we’ll be putting in place. We’ll be putting out a formal list of protocols shortly here on the website, but they will include having extra handwashing and sanitizing stations, developing a “lineless” entry system, encouraging the wearing of masks, seat groupings to ensure social distancing in the VIP areas, and an increased spectator area to ensure spacing between guests. We’re also asking that any guests who are sick please stay home. Don’t risk exposing other guests!

        • Jim says:

          I, like Doreen, do not feel safe going to the airshow. I am over 66, have diabetes, and am overweight. That being said, can I get a refund of my tickets?

          • NY Air Show says:

            We are asking any guests who have reservations about attending to please email us at and we can share further information about your options.

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