Getting to the New York Air Show

The show site for the New York Air Show is located on the SOUTH SIDE of the airfield.  Follow the directions below that are shown on the above map when arriving to the New York Air Show to insure the best possible experience when arriving to the event.  These directions will lead you to the air show that is on the airfield with complimentary shuttle service included to the main entrance gate.


New for 2018!  Spectators will have the option to walk across from the parking lot to the show site throughout the entire day.  The taxiway crossing will only be closed 2-3 times for short periods of time for aircraft movement.  A schedule of times is included on the pre-paid parking voucher that is issued when purchasing a parking pass.


Spectators will not be permitted to enter the 1st street gate in 2018 as it has been designated as a vehicle entrance gate.  The only public entrance will be via the onfield parking across to the main entrance.  Due to increased passenger traffic at New York Stewart Int’l Airport, security will be posted at the terminal parking and only ticketed passengers displaying a valid boarding pass will be permitted to enter.


Take exit 5A off Interstate 84 then head south on Route 747. Take the first left onto International Drive and then follow signs to “official air show parking.”  For the most expedited route based on current traffic conditions, please use the following Waze navigation link HERE.

You can also take Metro North line to the New York Air Show.  Single train service is available from New York City on the Metro North Hudson Line to the Beacon Station just a few miles away from Stewart International Airport.  Stops on the Metro North Hudson Line in New York City include Grand Central Station in Manhattan, 125th Street in Harlem and East 153rd Street at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. You can check schedules and stops for the Metro North Hudson Line on the MTA website. For more information on other public transit options visit the transportation page on the Stewart International Airport website.

  1. Grace says:

    Can you confirm, how/when we can purchase a parking permit for the air show 2019 please? The link just shows a blank page. Once you enter the airshow are you able to go back to your car e.g. to leave purchases?

    • NY Air Show says:

      We’ll be sending out the link for parking in the next few months, closer to the date of the show. If you’ve bought your tickets already, you’ll get an email about it! You are not allowed to enter, leave and return to the show. Please bring any items that you will need with you from your car. No readmittance will be allowed.

  2. Sho live in JAPAN says:

    I don’t have car license, so I’ll walk from short line bus terminal. Is it OK to walk in from entrance gate?
    And I’m planning to ride on Stewart Airport Express bus, but I saw only the people who have plane ticket can enter the airport. Can I ride on this bus?

    • NY Air Show says:

      You can walk into the front admission gates; however there’s not a direct path so we recommend connecting with a RideApp like Uber or Lyft to get over to the entrance. You cannot get inside the airport; that’s only for airline customers.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Nicole – there will be on our pre-event tickets purchased at physical locations, but it’s only 40% off and right now tickets are on sale for 50% off, so I’d just go ahead and buy now!

  3. ali sheikh says:

    if I buy special parking ticket 25$, then I should be there before 10 am. What happens if I get there by 10:45.
    Also, if I get 15$ ticket, how frequently shuttle operates between parking and show area or show and parking. I am going there with kids and I need to plan carefully.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Ali, if you get to the preferred parking after 10 am unfortunately, you will have to be redirected to the regular lot. We have lots of shuttles running between parking and the show area, so there should be no problem if you go with the $15 ticket.

  4. 973-593-7738 says:

    Will the preferred parking lot exit with the regular parking or have a separate route? I see you cannot exit until 30 min after the Thunderbirds land, but do not want to sit for hours behind regular lot crowds. Thanks

  5. Andrew G. says:

    If I’m walking in to the air show from Route 207, and the 1st Street entrance is no longer being used, what do I have to do?

    Do I have to follow the cars into the parking area?

    Will this be entering the parking area from Recreation Road?

    Is there any specific enterance for pedestrians?



    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Andrew, yes, you will want to head to the general parking area where the buses pick up. The buses will then drop you off at the main entrance gate.

  6. Jason says:

    Is the preferred parking entrance the same as regular parking entrance? Do we use International Drive or will there be access to Perimeter Road?

  7. Mike says:

    Will Fat Albert be preforming or be on Static display? I saw the photos of him on Facebook but I noticed he is not listed under performers or statics.

  8. Gregory says:

    Is there a list of food vendors that will be available at the show? Or is it just one main vendor? Just trying to get a sense of what will be available. Thx

  9. Gregory says:

    Is simple tailgating permitted – not talking about a big grill or anything – just some sandwiches and coffee by our car before we head in??

  10. Chris N says:

    I purchased two VIP tickets and printed them, but they only appear to be the entry tickets and they don’t say anything about the VIP parking or directions to the VIP parking. How do I get the parking passes and directions to the VIP parking?

  11. Ken says:

    I was on Rt. 747 today and signs were posted near Rt. 84 indicating that 747 will be closed on Saturday. How do we get to the show?

      • Jimmy says:

        My self and two friends are coming up with our motorcycles . We can fit all 3 bikes in one spot , do we have to pay $15 per bike or $15 just for the spot ??

        • NY Air Show says:

          Unfortunately it is $15 per vehicle – it’s not a matter of space, but a matter of ensuring that we have parking attendants to ensure our show is safe and accessible for all guests.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Alan, there is handicap parking in our general parking, located near the bus stop that picks guests up and drives them over to the main entrance gate. Just make sure you have your valid handicap parking sticker or rear-view mirror hanger, and show to the parking attendants when you arrive and they will direct you where to go.

    • Carole says:

      We are not going this year because of the horrible handicapped parking you had last year. Handicapped parking was on grass with all kinds of ruts & holes. Did anyone think how difficult it is to push someone in a wheelchair through this? Then we had to wait forever for a shuttle. We’re sad we can’t go this year but that was a total nightmare. Handicapped parking should be close enough to the gate, on pavement, so a shuttle isn’t needed. If that ever happens we will be back again.

      • NY Air Show says:

        Hey Carole, we’re sorry to hear that you had issues with parking last year. Unfortunately, we are confined to what space is allocated by the airport that we are allowed to park guests, which does not leave a ton of great options beyond the large grass lot. This year, however, we have added preferred parking that is on a paved area, and has a separate entrance gate for guests arriving prior to 10 am. We’ll hope to catch you again next year. Thanks for the feedback.

        • Carole says:

          I’m a bit confused. You still have the grass lot but if we arrived before 10AM we would be able to park on payment. Still have to take a shuttle? Thank you for the quick response.

  12. Brett says:

    Hi, I have 8 VIP Tickets which I received from my cousin who is a retired Thunderbirds Mechanic/Crew Chief. Can you email me 2 VIP Parking Passes that I can print out and use on Saturday?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Brett – are they “Friends of the Air Show” tickets or “Flight Line Club” VIP tickets? If you would, please respond with your cousin’s name so we can look into it.

  13. Wenzhou Dong says:

    It seems that it seems to rain on Saturday! Will it affect the flight show! My ticket is Saturday, can I watch it on Sunday?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Valerie, not sure – it’s likely you will see some of the aerial practices and performances but it all depends on the route that the planes take on their runs!

  14. Silvio Trumper says:

    I went 3years ago we were not allowed to bring any water and it was 90F on the shade.
    We missed half of the show waiting 45+minutes to buy water and another 45+ minutes to buy food. Not to say that it was very expensive.
    It seemed very disorganized.
    We would love to go back but I’m very hesitant after my pass experience.
    Was any of these issues addressed?

    • NY Air Show says:

      HI Silvio, we have made a number of changes over the years since you last attended as our guest! We’re sorry you had a poor experience. Yes, each guest is allowed to bring 1 L of water into the show, and with general admission tickets, you can bring your own chairs and sun umbrellas to keep in the shade. We do not allow outside food, but we are working with a different food vendor this year who has doubled the number of food lines to ensure that guests move through quickly! We hope you’ll consider joining us again and thanks for giving us the chance to make it better through your feedback.

  15. Gia says:

    Hi! We are a family of six that purchased the VIP tickets. This is our first time at attending an Air Show. We are excitingly counting down the days.
    I’ve heard that ear plugs are recommended. Do you have any recommendations on which type of ear plugs to purchase?
    Thank you,

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Gia, ear plugs are not required, but we recommend it for at least our younger guests! Any type of ear plug is fine – the ones we often see use you can buy in the soap/personal care supply aisle of your local grocery store.

    • David says:

      Gia – Keep in mind ear plugs don’t work well for little kids. They are too big for their ear canals.

      Any over-the-ear hearing protection will do well. There are expensive-ish hearing protectors you can get on places like amazon for kids, but hardware store ones will work too (just not stay on as well as they’re adult sized). We’ve used regular over-ear earphones for my son as well (not playing music, just to block some sound.)

  16. Jean R. says:

    WE have a scheduled flight from Stewart at 2PM, will we have any difficulty with handicapped short term lot? How early shud we try to be there? I figure the international drive traffic will be bad!

  17. Dewey Dawson says:

    hello, this is my first n I’m attending show with children n a few adults,would u suggest that we bring seating for everyone or are there other alternatives n would binoculars be suggested also.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Dewey, so if you are doing General Admission tickets, then yes, you do need to bring your own seats for everyone. You can see further detail here on our FAQ page on what you can and can’t bring along. Binoculars are a nice to have, but not necessary – the planes will all be quite visible! 😉 Enjoy the show!

  18. JJ says:

    I will be arriving by Metro North. What transportation is available from the Beacon Station
    to the air show? I contacted the Leprechaun Line and they only provide weekday service.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Joe, the parking information is here – there is handicap parking with shuttle buses to take you to the entrance. Yes, the parking fee is the same for all general parking.

  19. Robert Little says:

    Several years ago I asked for information from you about the pre-show fly-in date for the crew leaders to acquaint themselves with the Stewart air corridor. You replied it would be the Tuesday before…I showed up at Atlantic Aviation, saw the plane, I did shake hands with one of the aviators and then wrote a short piece that you posted on this sight…to further promote the show from the spectators point of view.
    I will attend the show this year and am asking you to provide me with the date the review visit would occur. I am willing to write another piece of promotion for the show…Thank you, Robert Little 914.923.3656

  20. Rich B says:

    Last year the blue angels staged crowd center, The photo pit was a good distance away from this and preflight is a great photo opp . Are you going to have something set up like a small photo pit in front of the Thunderbirds if they stage crowd center ?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Rich, the Photo Pit is in a designated area very close to show center. There will not be a smaller photo pit near the stage.

  21. Rich B says:

    Will VIP parking be in the same area as it was last year? The directions I had to get the VIP parking we’re a bit of a debacle .. I was sent to the regular parking area and then we rented again to the VIP parking lot

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Rich – directions to the VIP parking will be on your parking pass, so be sure to look there! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  22. jpujol says:

    Will the Thunderbirds be staging from show center this year? 2 years ago, the Thunderbirds staged far from the crowd. Last year Blue Angels staged from show center. Where will the Thunderbirds be set-up? I know the team will do autographs after the show even if they do not stage from show center.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Generally speaking, yes, they should be staged from show center, however that is contingent upon the preferences of the Thunderbirds’ ground crew. The Thunderbirds are really great about doing autographs and spectator meetings throughout the weekend, so there will be opportunities to do a meet-and-greet with members of the team.

  23. Chang says:

    Does the general admission include parking or not? If not, how far do I have to park away from the air field/show?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Chang, no, general admission does not include parking (VIP and preferred seating both do include it). We do have parking that will be made available in mid-August for sale with shuttles to take guests to the admission gates.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Don, there is no overnight camping allowed at the airfield (see our FAQ section), but we spoke with our parking team, and they can accommodate you parking your RV for the day of the event if you need it.

  24. Dave says:

    We are likely camping nearby, but will need to check out of the campground Sunday morning before coming to the air show. Can your parking area accommodate a small SUV pulling a closed popup camper?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Dave, we checked in with our parking crew, and YES, we can accommodate a small SUV pulling a closed pop-up camper during the duration of the show. The parking crew will direct you where to go when you arrive.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Yes, but there are specific times when Stewart Air Field will not be allowing air traffic in on the two days of the show. We recommend contacting them directly to determine those hours.

  25. Karen A Siracusa says:

    I’m seeing the schedule for the performers but I see nothing about static displays. A real good static display can make or break an air show.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Karen, details on our static displays will be updated as we get closer to the show! Stay tuned on our Facebook page and email list for exciting updates as we announce our performers and statics. We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 show!

  26. Clark says:

    I’ve purchased a Pit Pass as I’ve done in the past. Is parking included in the Pit Pass purchase as in the past, I did see changes this year which is a plus, but I didn’t see any mention of parking being apart of the cost.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Clark, yes, parking is included in the photo pit pass. Thanks for being a part of this special offering!

  27. Mike Yorio says:

    I know the gates open at 9 a.m., but (1) what time does the show actually start; (2) what’s the general schedule of performers; and (3) about what time are the Thunderbirds expected to go on? Thanks!

    • NY Air Show says:

      Flying will start around 12 Noon, the rest is way too early, won’t have those details finalized until a couple weeks before the show

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