Flight Line Club VIP & Chalet Row Open

This event is on September 16, 2018 10:00 am

The VIP Viewing Areas for the New York Air Show at Stewart International Airport include the Flight Line Club VIP and Corporate Chalets directly at Show Center. The VIP Viewing Areas open at 10:00 am, one hour after the main gate opens.  The public can purchase tickets to the Flight Line Club VIP.  To inquire about a private corporate chalet Click Here.

Stewart International Airport

  1. Jason says:

    Very disappointed with this years Air Show at Stewart. The parking was horrendous, The Volunteers were nasty Assholes, The corralled the crowd into 1 section of the Runway, you could not even get through the crowd. The Vending was better but the people sitting came all the way back to the vending boths …….This is what happens when the Port Authority gets involved… Hopefully next years will be better….

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