Gates & Ground Displays Open

This event is on September 15, 2018 9:00 am

The New York Air Show’s home at Stewart International Airport provides the opportunity to have aircraft on ground display along with simulators, exhibits, a kids zone and much more. The display and viewing area encompasses over 40 acres on the South side of the airfield so plan to come early and enjoy everything there is to see! Over 30 military and civilian aircraft will be on display in the air and on the ground.  Gates open at 9:00 am!

Stewart International Airport

  1. John says:

    There have been food shortages in the VIP seating area in the past. Is B. Lilley still the production crew for 2018? Don’t want to buy a VIP ticket and not have lunch again.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey John, we appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that you are considering coming back in 2018! Our team has worked diligently this year to improve the flow of the food lines for the Flight Club and have made sure to order excess to ensure that everyone is equally provided for. We have implemented multiple food and drink areas that have helped to greatly improved the flow at other events. This has worked very nicely and we’ve gotten very positive feedback on it from other 2018 guests at our Melbourne and Ft. Lauderdale shows. Thanks again for your feedback, and we hope to see you again this year for a great lineup of performers!

  2. Oscar says:

    Deos the $22.50 fee cover both, parking and admission to the show? If not, how much is each? My wife and I plan to go to the show and pay the same day at the gate. How much will it be per person for parking and show? Thanks.

    • NY Air Show says:

      General Admission tickets are $22.50 in advance and $30 at the gate. Parking is a separate charge that is $15 in advance and $20 when you arrive to the show and covers the cost of 1 vehicle.

  3. Joe Healy says:

    I will be traveling to the show in a 43 foot RV. Is there parking available? We are only looking for parking for the show.

  4. Steve says:

    I’m very much looking forward o seeing the F-35! I can only go one day so my question is this: is it safe to assume the F-35 will be performing both days? Is the line up the same for both days? Thanks.

    • NY Air Show says:

      All performers are planned to fly on both Saturday and Sunday, but that is subject toc hange at any time.

      • NY Air Show says:

        Outside food and coolers are not allowed. Each spectator will be able to bring one sealed bottle of water up to 1 liter in size. Concessions will be plentiful!

  5. Mary Jo Kraus says:

    I am handicapped with a handicapped parking sticker. What time do I have to get there in order to get a parking spot in a handicapped lot? How far do I have to walk after that?

  6. Frank says:

    I had a question posted regarding the F-35 Heritage flight and F-16 Demo team performing on the rescheduled dates as well as parking and it has be removed. Is it that this info can’t be confirmed as of yet or you can’t release the info? Strange that it would be deleted, seems like legit questions and the info is available on other sites

  7. Chris says:

    Two Years ago they had prepaid parking. I do not see it this year for general admission? Is paying for parking only on the day and not in advance?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Chris, pre-paid parking will be available at a later date. When it is, we will emai all of our ticket holders so they have first priority.

    • NY Air Show says:

      There were more planes on display in 2016 than 2015 and our goal is to have more on display in 2017 than 2016.

  8. Michael DeMeo says:

    Just wondering. I have preferred parking. Can I leave my folding chair in my car, view the static displays, the return to my car for the chair when the airshow starts? I’d hate to have to lug it around with me!

  9. 914-525-2770 says:

    If we get there at 11:00 am will there be tickets left for general admission and parking. Is there a fee for parking and if so how much. How far is the parking from the event.

      • Edwin B quirolgico says:

        Hello, I have PAD. Can’t walk too far. W medical letter are two wheel seated electric scooter allowed it’s very small foot print. Need for help walking and sitting. It can be carried unto bus same size as folding camping chair. Thk u.

  10. Peter says:

    Once in the show will you be able to leave and then be re-admitted? I may have to leave and pick up family from the train station who are also attending the show. Thanks.

    • NY Air Show says:

      The show is rain or shine. Under extreme circumstances, the show will be delayed and will resume when conditions improve.

  11. Elizabeth pulliam says:

    Can I bring my small water bottle that has a fan attached? It clear and we can fill it with water when we get there?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Camelbacks with water are not permitted. However, we allow each attendee to bring in one sealed bottle of water up to 1 liter in size. Additionally our concessions in 2016 have been completely revamped!

  12. Terry says:

    My husband is going to attend the air show on Saturday, Sept. 3. He is an Insulin Diabetic. He has a letter from his doctor stating that he needs to be able to bring his Insulin, food and drinks for the day. He needs to eat several small times a day. he also will be carrying his Insulin. He will have the letter with him. will he need to show it to someone at the gate? Yes, he is a Veteran and will be accompanied by his daughter.

    • NY Air Show says:

      We’re glad he and his daughter can make it. Upon entrance, please have him present his items to the security supervisor at bag check.

  13. Paul says:

    A friend of mine just gave me tickets his company gave him and they are marked Chalet. Does that mean they are VIP Tickets? Trying to find out if I need to purchase parking or not.

  14. Dan says:

    Good morning.

    I am a former team member of the Thunderbirds and have VIP tickets from the team and will be attending both days. I am assuming I still need to purchase event tickets as well. Could you please let me know if I should do anything differently?
    Thank you.

  15. jeff kmetz says:

    I saw we can bring chairs in The General admission area. What about an easy pop up tent for shade or in case if rain?

  16. Nichole E. says:

    If I purchased a ticket for Sunday can I use it for Saturday? I saw later that everything is the same for both days……

    • NY Air Show says:

      Your ticket is only good for the day indicated. If you need to swap days, please call the box office at 877.766.8158 and they’ll be able to get you squared away.

  17. Tommy says:

    Would like to fly in will there be parking available what time will the tfr go into affect who should I contact

  18. Craig Holloway says:

    My grandson is a crew member on the B-1 that will be on display. I’ll be coming up from Delaware with his father, his uncle and my wife—- all senion citizens and three of us are handicapped. Is there a handicap parking area and will I have to bring my own lawn chairs?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Craig, thank you for your grandson’s service. We can’t wait to have the BOne at the show!

      Handicapped parking is available in all of our lots with shuttle service to the main gates. Shuttles typically loop every 15-20 minutes so there may be a wait. Seating will not be available in the General Admission areas so I encourage you to bring your own chairs.

  19. Michael Pritchard says:

    I was hoping to come to your airshow. I have to tell you looking at your pricee scared me off. We go every year to the Jones beach air show, where we can bring drinks and food. We usually travel in a group of 12 adults and 7 children. Expecting people to spend all day in the sun without anything to eat or drink is unrealistic. Giving people no choice but to buy food and drink all day is a bit much. Sad

    • NY Air Show says:

      Michael, I totally understand where you’re coming from, but the biggest difference between Jones Beach and our show is that we are located at an International Airport. So just like when you go on a flight, there are restrictions. We will have food and beverage available for sale at reasonable prices once you’ve gone through security and each customer is allowed to bring one sealed bottle of water up to one liter in size.

  20. Nora says:

    Hi, same show both days or different show each day? I’m trying to figure out hotel accommodations and do I need to buy tixs for both days. Also, I am in a wheelchair. Are there designated handicapped sections? Are the grounds/general admission seating pavement or lawn? With no shade, are we able to bring an umbrella or the bag chairs with the attached cover? Thank you.

    • NY Air Show says:

      The show is the same for both days. The entire site is ADA compliant, but there is not any designated handicapped sections. General Admission seating is located on both the pavement and the grass areas. Shade is limited since we are located at an active airport. For shade, you can bring handheld umbrellas or bag chairs that already have the umbrella attached to it. Shade structures or tents of any kind are strictly prohibited.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Dan, we offer a universal discount to everyone who purchases their tickets in advance. The earlier you purchase, the more you save!

  21. Andy Padman says:

    Hello, We are a group of five people planning to purchase general admission tickets. Are there any tent or covered area – is there a parking fee – Thanks

  22. Kathleen says:

    Looking forward to driving up to Stewart from N.J…….it’s been quite a while since we saw USAF Thunderbirds and looking forward to them and all the events that day.
    Kathkeen <<<<<<<<< USAF Mom

  23. Paul says:

    Hi, This will be our first visit to the show. Will there be food vendors and are you allowed to bring in coolers with food and drinks?

    • NY Air Show says:

      We’ll have an abundance of food vendors. Outside food and coolers are not allowed. Spectators will be allowed to bring in one unopened bottle of water no larger than 1 liter in size.

  24. email says:

    is there camping on site for this event as we will be traveling approx. 300 miles or are their campgrounds within 5 to 10 miles of the airport?

  25. Mike says:

    Hello! Planning to be a first-time attendee this year with my kids. Could you provide some information on the day’s agenda. What happens when the “gates open at 9am?” For example, is there a schedule of what occurs during the day? What time will the first planes be flying? What time does the show end? Thanks!

    • NY Air Show says:

      At 9 am the event site opens where you can visit vendors and see the static aircraft up close. Flying starts at 12 noon each day and goes until 4pm. A sequence of flight will be released approximately 7-10 days before the show.

  26. Jarod says:

    Is there a page or link that shows what ground displays will be present at the show? Really hoping to see a C5 Galaxy!

  27. Patricia says:

    Will the show go on rain or shine? If cancelled will refunds be issued for pre-paid VIP tickets? What is the refund policy?

  28. Gerold says:

    I would like to fly to the airshow. Will there be parking for general aviation traffic and when will the airport be closed for the flying demonstrations?

    • NY Air Show says:

      You will need to check with one of the two FBOs at SWF, Atlantic Aviation and Airborne Aviation. On show days their will be a TFR in place and NOTAMS will be issued.

  29. Joanne says:

    If tickets were purchased before the announcement & date change happened. Will they be transferred to the September dates? I bought 5 VIP tickets shortly after 2015 show & am unsure what is going on with the pre-purchased tickets. I assume they are transferred but I haven’t seen anything about that. Thanks for any help.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Joanne, we’ll swap your tickets out for ones with the correct dates. Give the Box Office a call at 877.766.8158 and we’ll get you squared away.

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