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Thousands of spectators see the New York International Air Show from the crowd line, but far less get to experience it without the crowd. Join the experienced spectators in the ultimate VIP viewing spot, the Flight Line Club! Be one of the few to enjoy this VIP experience on the flight line directly at show... View Article

Thousands of spectators see the New York International Air Show from the crowd line, but far less get to experience it without the crowd. Join the experienced spectators in the ultimate VIP viewing spot, the Flight Line Club! Be one of the few to enjoy this VIP experience on the flight line directly at show center.

Purchase Now at the Early Bird Price of $185

Save $100 off the $285 day-of-event-price thru May 28th at midnight!

NEW for 2019!  Special children’s price of $167 for ages 3-12

(ages 2 and under still free)


The performers will be soaring across the airfield in front of you and our new VIP Entrance military aircraft display will be waiting for you as you enter!.  A fully catered lunch from a new specialized caterer will be served from 11:30a to 1:30p with draft beer, soft drinks and water served all day long.  Lots of shaded seating available inside the Flight Line Club VIP tent and when you’re ready to get the full effect of the show take a seat directly on the flight line and watch the jets soar overhead.  You’ll receive an official event program and a commemorative credential. One parking pass for the VIP reserved parking area just for the Flight Line Club and Corporate Chalets is included with every purchase and offers the closest available parking.  You’ll also enter through a special VIP entrance.  Best of all, when the show is over, you’ll exit the VIP reserved parking via a special route away from the crowds and traffic and be on your way home with ease!


  1. CharlieK says:

    Will I have access to my car from the Flight Line Club? I want to bring a camera with a long telephoto lens for the airshow but I don’t want to carry it around while I view the static displays.

    • NY Air Show says:

      There is no exiting and re-admittance, so we recommend bringing a camera bag with any camera equipment that you need in with you. You can leave it in the Flight Line Club area while touring the static displays.

  2. Ben says:

    Greetings friends, we are excited about coming this year. My question, with VIP tickets, is there room to on-site park our RV (class C, 29 feett)? If not, what would you suggest for parking? Especially for those with VIP tickets.

    Thank you,

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Ben, Parking in Ocean City is quite limited, so an RV is unlikely to find a spot. Do you have the option to have your RV at its usual campground and then take a taxi or a ride-share like Uber or Lyft to the show site? That would likely be your best bet. Unfortunately we just don’t have an area that can accommodate a 29′ vehicle.

  3. Will says:

    Can I bring in my camera bag with tripod and set up camera/lens for photographing the show? Do I have to go to the PhotoPit?
    It is hard to predict which day, Saturday or Sunday, would be a sunny day. What if I purchased a ticket for Saturday but it would be raining?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Yes, a camera bag and tripod are fine in the general admission or Flight Line Club as well as the Photo Pit. Show is rain or shine.

  4. Phebe says:

    Is the general seating or general tents for non-VIP? Asking because my guests are older and will not to sit outside the direct sun area.

    • NY Air Show says:

      The general seating for guests is completely unshaded. The VIP Flight Line Club has a big tent where guests can sit in the shade while they eat lunch, then move out to front row seating to watch the show. You are allowed to bring a small handheld umbrella to the show.

  5. Ross Sharp, Director of Engineering, The People's Mosquito Ltd says:

    I will be attending your show for the first time in 2019 and I’m really looking forward to it. However, since I am a former Deputy Air Show Co-ordinator for the Royal Air Force, this won’t be my first show by any means! Next year, our aviation charity, The People’s Mosquito will have to consider having a booth at the event.

  6. Dave Heenan says:

    Hey! We’ve decided this morning to come to the New York Airshow this year as you’re going to be honoured with The Red Arrows!! We love them just a little more than the Blue Angels! We’ll be staying in New York City (having flown in from London). Is there easy public transport to Stewart International on Show days? Or do you have recommendations for local hotels/accommodation? Many thanks, Dave

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Dave, yes, we are super pumped about having both acts too! We’ll be posting a page here with travel information shortly, but also stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates. Generally there is a subway line that takes you up into the area and then you can hop a taxi, Uber or Lyft to get over to NY Stewart International Airport where the show is located. Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing out that information in the next couple months once it’s verified with the NY Transit Authority.


    Had a wonderful time BUT your signage was nonexistent! Had to ask several sheriff’s officers and event coordinators where to go for VIP parking. Just a suggestion. Get more signs and get them out on entrance roads and once closer to the air show, showing parking locations. It wasn’t just me. I had a co-worker also attending the event who was just as disappointed with the non-existence of signage as I was. Otherwise, it was a great show. Thanks.

    • Cindy Rap says:

      Great show…getting out of parking lot when show over was absolutely horrible…1 way out only…nobody directing traffic…over 1 hour to try and get out of lot. Need nore exits and staff to direct how to get out!!! Horrible!!

      • NY Air Show says:

        Hey Cindy, yes, we’re sorry about the parking situation this year – it was a challenge for a number of guests, but we are already working to put processes in place to improve it in 2019. We hope that your departure experience didn’t ruin your enjoyment of a great show!

  8. Raphael Lebovits says:

    Went yesterday to the Air Show with my son. Had an AMAZING time!!!!
    Some things, though, if I may:
    1) more ATMs. Many vendors (for example, the F4 cockpit photo, some food vendors) don’t take credit/debit cards. I had to walk quite a bit back and forth to get cash. It was exhausting, and caused me to miss the Thunderbirds’ take off.
    2) the preferred seating area is NOT at center show, it is off to the right. That was frustrating, to say the least, considering the money spent. We couldn’t see, for example, the parachute team land; all of the performers’ maneuvers were centered well to our left. I could share some video with you, if you like. Next year, these seating areas would be better off being in the center.

    Otherwise, amazing experience!

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Raphael, this is great feedback for us – we really appreciate it!! We did more ATMs than in 2017, but we heard from you and a couple other guests that they could use more. And we’ll definitely speak with our vendors about credit card options, since companies like Square make it much easier these days. We’ll also be discussing some adjustments to preferred seating to help you all get more bang for your buck. But thank you for talking with us and so glad you had a great experience!

      • Zarate says:

        Hello, this was my 1st time attending the NY Air Show. Raphael is correct in the seating positions of the preferred seating. The center seats were not in the center at all. The view when sitting is the green hill from the farther right side. I didn’t want to be standing & blocking the peoples view so i just left the section & watched from the left side. I had more better views standing & got to walk around to see the static displays while the performers were setting up.
        Also, why were there people surrounding the statics just hanging out ? I understand it was sunny & hot but for people to enjoy taking pictures, the statics should be void of people sitting on their chairs & gathering around them. The C-17 was the only one roped off. I got clear pictures & unobstructed view.
        Also, there should be some porta pottys outside the entrance esp with the No Re-Entry policy. I had to go once the show was near its end & had walked out already. I wasn’t allowed to come back in. Honestly, I just did my #1 business in my car.
        Other than these, I’d love to come back next year, this time w/ my 12yr old son. Thank you for the great show. Hopefuly I will get a feedback.

        • NY Air Show says:

          Hey Zarate, thanks for your helpful feedback! We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to continue to improve the show.

  9. Ed Dykshoorn says:

    Have to compliment the caterers this year! It was soo much easier to have the food setup in each tent rather than one serving area (and the long lines) as it was the last 2 years. No lines to get the food. The serving trays were well stocked by the catering staff! They did a tremendous job. Thanks!

    The only downside to the VIP experience was the exit from the site this year. This year we were required to exit completely on the opposite side of the airport, rather than the way we came in on International Blvd and rt 747. The end result this year was the lines of traffic trying to get through 3 backed up traffic lights, whereas in the past it was a straight run back to the interstate.

    Thanks again for a great show and again thanks to the fantastic caterers!

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Ed, thanks for your comments about the caterers! We’ll pass along the message. We were happy with them too – we got lots of good feedback on their short lines and affordable prices. Parking is definitely always a challenge, but it’s on our brainstorm list for 2019 on how we can continue to improve. Thanks for your feedback – it helps make things better each year!

  10. John Fahey says:

    Our party of four attended our first New York Air Show on the 15th not knowing how the nitty gritty details would pan out. Wow, were we surprised! Getting into and out of VIP parking was as smooth as silk, more than enough seating, food and beverages were steadily replenished (the beer station could have been closer). The shuttle carts were a pleasant surprise, too. It was well worth the ticket price.
    One criticism, however. The music has to go, at least while performers are moving both on the ground and in the air. The tunes did nothing to enhance the experience, and in fact detracted from many of the performances. The warbirds were competing with rap tunes. It may be hard to believe but during a number of the Thunderbirds’ meaneuvers the music actually drowned out the jet noise.
    Many thanks for a great day!

    • John Fahey says:

      A PS to my earlier note.
      I forgot to thank you for the golf cart shuttle services. The day was very hot, I was on a cane, and the walk between the VIP area and the static displays was pretty long. I grabbed a shuttle, the driver was great, and I got to see much more than I could have under my own power.
      A suggestion for 2019. On one hand I appreciate and understand the need for security of the military performers, but on the other hand I missed seeing the Thunderbirds’ pre-flight routines, engine start, and taxi maneuvers. To me they are an essential part of the headliners’ routine and give due credit to the often overlooked ground crews.
      Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.

  11. Tari says:

    This our third year coming to your show. GREAT in everyway. May I suggest, during setup, a porta potty be placed outside the entrance gates. After standing in line nearly an hour, people come to the front of the line stating they need facilities. The staff feeling helpless tell the person they have to wait until the gates open at 9am and they will be the first in the gate. Some get offended with gate crashers. And after everyone travels with that morning coffee, I’m sure some are real requests.
    Another concern. My husband and I get to your event early and wonder to the visitors section until the VIP area opens. As we returned to the VIP area, a man on a golf cart approached us and asked if we knew where we were inferring we were in the VIP area. We showed him our tickets and he wanted to know where are landyards were with the tag noting where we should be. We explained they didn’t give them out at the entrance gate this year, only gave us a bag from the casino. He said that’s not right and we told him again that is what occurred. He then drove away. I walked back to where we entered and they informed me to go to section to sit and we would receive a pass. It was better getting them at the gate.
    Thank you for reading my email. Again, thank you for the show. know we will be back.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Tari, thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback – the idea of a portapotty station outside the admissions gate is an especially great idea! We’ll definitely find out if it’s doable for 2019. In addition, really sorry that you got a little harassment from any of our volunteers/staff about being in the right place! Not the kind of VIP experience we wanted you to have, and we’ll definitely have a debrief as a team as to what occurred with the VIP lanyards. They should have been provided to you when you arrived at the VIP area, without any hassle. That being said, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed the show and had a great experience otherwise. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to get better year-after-year as our show continues to grow!!!

      • Jeffrey J says:

        There was one porta-john outside the VIP gate last year. This year -nothing. In addition to customers waiting to get in, there are traffic control people, etc. Thanks.

  12. jf says:

    I have corporate chalet tickets. I have a few key questions. Is this the same experience as VIP minus the parking? Food, tent, seating, beverages are included?

  13. Ronald Williams says:

    Good morning, this is my first time attending a show and I would like to know that by purchasing Flight Line Club admission, would it allow me to be able to get photos up close of the performers and their Aircraft?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Ronald, we will be doing our best to have a couple performers pop in to say hello during the day to you guys! There are not aircraft located in the FLC tent however. You are provided food, beverage, shade, seating, a complimentary program, and much more!

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Lynn, you can absolutely arrive whenever you would like! Show starts at around noon, so we recommend getting there before then.

  14. Tony S says:

    I just received an e-mail to pre-purchase a parking voucher but I thought that parking was part of the VIP tickets that I purchased. Can you confirm.

    Also, will you be e-mailing a parking voucher to use on arrival?


    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Tony, YES parking is included in your VIP tickets, so you can IGNORE that email! Sorry you accidentally got on the distribution list – I’ll check with our communications team to let them know. 🙂

  15. Jessica says:

    If I purchased vip passes can I bring my own chair to setup near the vip seating just to watch the show not in the table area . I have a back issue.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Jessica, yes you can bring your own chair if you’d like, just speak with the volunteers running the tent and let them know, so they can move around a couple chairs for you. And yes, we do ask that you set up the chair in the general seating area and not under the shaded tent, only because we want to make sure that everyone has clear access in and out of the food tent!

  16. Ashley says:

    My husband is a vegetarian and also has a gluten allergy. I’m assuming the menu can’t really accommodate him? If not, can we bring food for him to eat?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hey Ashley – yes, but please bring along a doctor’s note to show the security at the gate. See our FAQs for more detail – there’s a whole section on food to provide you guidance.

  17. Margaret says:

    I am wondering what the vegetarian lunch will be since there is nothing listed on the menu. Last time we went we were told there would be veggie burgers but no such luck.

  18. Priscilla cook says:


    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Priscilla, our Flight Line Club VIP parking area has a separate entrance that is specifically near the VIP tents as you come in. Make sure that you follow the instructions for VIP parking and you should be fairly close to your VIP seating area! That being said, we do recommend bringing a wheelchair or walker for our guests who need assistance, as the show is on an air field, and therefore we cannot help the long-distances to visit the static displays and other vendor activities in the general admission area.

  19. F. Coppola says:

    Is there a limit as to the number of VIP tickets that will be sold?
    Is there enough seating in the shade to accommodate all VIP?

    • F. Coppola says:

      Also. During lunch will it be serve yourself with duel side table device as to cut down on long lines or are people going to be in a single line being served? As per the photographs provided there does not look like there is enough room in that tent to accommodate all VIP people in the shade to eat their lunch. So as a VIP am I guaranteed a table to sit and eat my lunch?

      • NY Air Show says:

        Hi Mr. Coppola, the seating underneath the tent is available on a rotating basis for our guests – lunch is served over about a two hour period of time, so that all VIP guests receive a good lunch and can take some time in the shade! That being said, the best view of the air show is definitely out front in the rows of seats, where you will be near to show center to catch all the best views of the show. There will be multiple food service lines, to move guests through quickly with minimal delay to eat. Drinks will be available for guests to access throughout the entire show.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Answering this additional question – YES we do limit the number of VIP tickets sold. Saturday tends to be busier than Sunday, but we make sure that we do not overcrowd the VIP area. We are not yet at capacity for either day.

  20. Lori says:

    We are a family of 4. And our son wants to do the air show for his birthday. So wanted to do a flight Line club VIP . Not clear on is it 179 per person or do we purchase 1 for the family. Looking for Saturday event. If you could please get back to me so I can book this asap. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • NY Air Show says:

      HI Lori, Flight Line Club is $179 per person and includes food, drinks, shaded seating, and reserved area with activities.

  21. Gia says:

    We are a family of six that purchased the VIP tickets. This will be the first time that any of us have been to an Air Show. We are excitingly counting down the days!
    I’ve heard that it gets very LOUD at the show and that ear protection is highly advised.
    Do you have any recommendations on which type and or brand ear protection products to get?

    Thank you,

  22. Maria says:

    Hi I want to take to this event to my husband, he wanted to go to the navy, but go to his illness he couldn’t.. He has always wanted to go to this shows but he is never able … We been married 21 years and I want to give it to him as a surprise, can you please help me know if the VIP pasees he will be able to see it all, I know it says VIP ni there will be a lot of people attending…

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Maria, all guests are able to see the full show. What the VIP passes get you are access to a shaded tent with complimentary food and beverage, a reserved private area, and includes VIP parking and entrance for your convenience so you do not have to fight the crowds. You’ll be able to see everything and have a great experience.

  23. Robby Smolinski says:

    My Dad and I would like to come to the show. We are traveling together, so only one car. He is also 76 years young. I’m wondering if we both have to purchase a vip ticket, or is there a discount for the two of us beyond the obvious pre-sept 10th discount. We also have a handicap tag.
    Thank you.

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Robby, yes, you will need to purchase a VIP ticket for each one of you. There will be handicap parking available, but you will have access to the special VIP parking lot and gate that will minimize your hike to the VIP area. All of our show is handicap-accessible, but we do recommend a wheelchair in order to get around the static displays (it’s an air field after all!).

  24. 973-997-7668 973-896-0292 says:

    Do you have or looking for vendors?
    If so I would love to find out more.
    Thank you in advance.
    Kym E. Dauphinee
    DBA Save on sweats

    • NY Air Show says:

      Yes – seems we had a temporary glitch last night that made that option disappear, but we do still have tickets!

  25. Neil Fish says:

    I have a Handicapped parking permit, and my walking ability is limited. what are the directions for the vip parking lot, and how far is the walk to the vip entrance and then the vip area? Is a map available? what do I enter on my GPS to get to the vip parking entrance?

  26. Kathy S. says:

    Is there a printable “parking pass” that is needed in addition to the VIP tickets for parking in the VIP area? Or do we just present our VIP tickets to park in that area?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Kathy, your VIP parking passes will be emailed directly to you and you will need to have it with you when you arrive at the show to show to the parking attendants. We look forward to having you as our guest!

  27. Kelly says:

    Can children accompany photopit ticket holders? Adult purchases photo pit ticket and child pays gen admission & is obviously not taking photos?

    • NY Air Show says:

      Hi Kelly, only those with a purchased photo pass will be allowed in the Photo Pit area. There will be plenty of activities for kids at the show, if another adult would like to accompany the child to those activities while the photo pit passholder takes their photos.

  28. Jimmy Z says:

    Thank you for listening to last years comments. The food set-up was much better this year. I have purchased VIP tickets for the last three years and every year it has been well worth it. Looking forward to the 2018 show!!!

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